Electronic Records Management

Most businesses find that they require a mix of physical records and electronic records. MDS covers it all, from backup data protection services to document imaging.

Digitized Records (Scanning)

Could it be cost-effective and efficient to convert some or all of your paper records to electronic formats? Let MDS experts sit down with you to help determine if document imaging makes good sense for your business. We can do the scanning for you - no matter how big the project.

A few scanning service highlights include:

  • Scan on demand by file/chart (same day or next day service)
  • Priority scan for quick imaging of documents stored with MDS Records
  • High volume document scanning (one time or ongoing projects)

Secure Backup Data Management

Keep your crucial data backup tapes and disks protected from the problems that could destroy your records – and possibly your business!  Diversification is key: your business is safer when you make use of a mix of digitized backups and backing up your data to the Cloud.

The MDS Environmentally Controlled Archival Vaults ensure backup data protection, keeping tapes and other digital media at the optimum humidity and air temperature, and keep them protected from

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Humidity
  • Water
  • Insects
  • Vermin

And so many other dangers!

We make it easy to regularly switch out your backup data tapes. Sign on for one of our regular pickup-delivery routes, or schedule a one-time pickup or delivery.