Business Records Management

The fact is, your business records hold operational, legal or business value. We make sure you have access to them when you need it, and give you the security of knowing they’re well protected ALL THE TIME.

Trust MDS to give your records the respect they deserve by keeping them safe, secure, and well-managed.

Absolutely Safe And Secure

MDS has your back when it comes to making sure your information is safe and secure. The MDS facility  is a 1-story, specially-designed and reinforced, high-ceilinged facility built specifically for records storage, protection, management. Walls are built to withstand tornado-strength winds, top-level security systems are in place, safety measures are second to none, and there’s ample space – 75,000-plus square feet.

MDS Records Management's Environmentally Secure and Climate Moderated Records Warehouse and our Environmentally Controlled Archive Vaults offer top of the line safety and security. See more about Safety and Security at MDS.

Unsure Which Records To Store And For How Long?

We can talk with you about that, and work with you to set up a plan.

Easy Access When You Need It

Use our for online access to track your records in real time and communicate with us about them – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.