Safety and Security at MDS

You expect your records and media files to be safe and secure at all times. At MDS, the risks to your records are very low.

Some of our best features:

  • We’re watching. Surveillance cameras and motion detectors monitor the entire Records Warehouse and Archival Vaults.
  • Clean and sanitary. Careful control and attention to sanitation protect your records from vermin, insects, and other pests.
  • Even tornado-force winds don’t penetrate our 1-story facility.
  • Highly limited access. Only authorized personnel with proper identification are allowed entry into the facility, and any visitors are escorted at all times by MDS management personnel.
  • You control who sees your records. We’ll only allow your company records to be viewed by people with written prior authorization on file with us.

Environmentally Secure And Climate Moderated Records Warehouse

An ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) wet sprinkler system protects our Environmentally Secure and Climate Moderated Records Warehouse.  It’s a one-of-a-kind system that quickly detects and completely suppresses fire – and it activates only in the problem area, so the rest of the facility stays dry.

Custom designed, 24’ high shelving is stacked no more than two containers high and two containers deep – so records are accessible and containers won’t bow and cave over time due to the weight of over-stacking.

Environmentally Controlled Archive Vaults

Your digital and magnetic media, historic and archival materials, and other critical records are sensitive to deterioration without careful  humidity and climate control.

In our two Environmentally Controlled Archive Vaults, Liebert systems control all heating, cooling, humidification, and de-humidification.  Each vault maintains a temperature between 63 degrees and 67 degrees year-round, with humidity kept at 45% with a 2% variance.

Each vault also has 4-hour firewalls, a backup generator, and no-water fire suppression system that will completely suppress any fire (in one vault, an Inergen total flooding, gaseous, clean agent fire suppression system and associated fire detection system; in the other a state-of-the-art 3M Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System).

Secure Shred

The MDS shred consoles and collection containers you use at your site keep the material absolutely secure. Material is removed by MDS employees, transported to MDS under lock and key, and deposited directly into our industrial shred machine. The shred travels through a secure shaft into a fully enclosed container. Regular container pick ups transfer the shred to a major recycling center.

Secure Transport

Even in transit, your records are safe. Well trained MDS drivers and secure vehicles make sure of it, with sign-offs required at every stage.