Safe, Secure, & Confidential Records Destruction

Secure destruction of sensitive or outdated content protects your business – it's a key piece of your Records Management Program. According to best business practices you should maintain records retention schedules that require destruction of records after a specified period of time. We can assist you in keeping current with these schedules. We have plant based destruction or on-site mobile destruction services.

We cover it all:

  • Regularly Scheduled: Keep locked MDS shred containers at your location. We have various sizes to choose from to fit your needs. We’ll schedule regular service as you need it.
  • One-Time Service: If you only need the onetime occasional or yearly purges we will work with you to get this scheduled. At our facility(plant based), or at your site(mobile) depending on your needs.
  • Hard Drive and Electronic Media Destruction: Tapes, disks, hard drives, other electronic media, MDS can take care of it for you. These materials must be kept separate from paper material.
  • Secure Drop Off: Stop by MDS Records Management, 1870 East Euclid Ave., Des Moines, IA. Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm with your shred materials – we will securely destroy and recycle these items. Keep an eye out for any special events!  Your personal, private, business-sensitive, or proprietary information remains confidential and secure from the time it leaves your hands until it is permanently destroyed – and can receive a signed Certificate of Destruction if requested.

Where Does It Go?

After your paper is shredded at MDS Records Management, it travels from our plant in a secure container and goes directly to our Major recycling vendor. For paper material shredded in our mobile unit, the mobile unit goes directly to our Major recycling vendor for recycling. Electronic Media is destroyed at MDS Records Management, under secure supervision at all times. This material is disposed of properly by the type of material that it is.